Confessions of a Naughty Little Girl.

My will is yours. My mind is yours. My body is yours. My heart is yours. My fears belong to you. My desires belong to you. My release belongs to you. My surrender belongs to you. I submit to you, I am yours. But know this… You are also mine.

I toss and turn, my restlessness getting the better of me, the darkness singing its sweet melody through the cracks of my bedroom window, teasing me .. taunting me. The memory of his hand grazing my cheeks,  the sound of the whip finding my skin. Thoughts like these make me wet, and I can’t help but want – no, need his touch.

My memories continue to taunt me; strong fingers pulling my hair, soft satin binding my wrists, a ball being slipped into my mouth, allowing no resistance, but surrender.

I lay wide awake, staring at the ceiling, my will beginning to fade. My fingers betray me as they dance their way along the surface of my skin and remind me where master has lingered. Lost in my fantasies, my hand begins moving, finding its way further and further down. As my fingers begin slipping their way into forbidden territory, they easily find the wetness.

Suddenly awake, my senses kick into overdrive. Grabbing the pillow next to me, I slam it in my face and exhaled loudly, releasing a growl like some barbaric animal.

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“Sir, I’ve been a bad girl.”


“Tell me why, and be specific.”


“I’m afraid Daddy.”


“Have your fingers been wandering where they shouldn’t?”




“Yes, what?”


“Yes, Daddy.”



I walked up to the front door and stood there letting the cold air wash over me for a brief moment before ringing the doorbell.. It was 7PM. 7PM Sharp. He opened the door and his presence loomed in the doorway. He stepped out of the way to let me in. Standing in the entrance of the foyer, I could see Carla lounging on the sofa. Her naked body was gleaming with sweat, and a cigarette dangled from her lips, her gleaming collar, undeniable.

I got down on my knees, assuming the position I’d been so diligently taught; chin up, eyes to the ground, hands turned up on my thighs. He stepped in front of me, his leather boots touching the front of my knees.

“You’re a disobedient little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m your disobedient little slut!” I whispered.

I could hear him undoing his belt but I never looked up, never wavered from my position as he released his erection.

“Show me what a little whore you are”

He reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair and without a moment’s hesitation, forced my mouth to his cock. He started to thrust in and out, as  I looked up at him and taking him as deep as I could, my only goal to please my master as I tried desperately to make up for my sins.

“Tell me, princess, were you fantasizing about my cock in your mouth when you touched yourself?”

He began ramming his cock in my mouth harder and harder. All I could do was grunt and nod, knowing that I had to answer no matter what; that’s a rule.

“You are such disobedient whore, my little one … always breaking the rules. Always trying to find a way around … I’m starting to think you want to be punished.”

I was. I was such a bad little brat; no tolerance, no self control, patience was definitely not one of my virtues. But I had others, and I wanted to show him.  I tried to keep up with his rhythm, moving with him, wanting to offer as much pleasure as I could. Spit dribbled from my lips onto my firm breasts and past my nipples as tears streamed down my face with each forceful thrust.

“Do you think you can make me cum, my little slut, do you think you’re worthy?”

Suddenly Daddy pulled my hair back hard, my head snapped, bringing my face within inches of his. Lifting me by the elbows, he dragged me into the living room and threw me onto the couch. He motioned for Carla to strip me and bind my arms behind my back. Again, I found myself on my knees on a cold hard floor wondering what would come next as Carla slowly undressed me.

He took a step towards Carla and stroked her face, looking down at her he said

“show this naughty little slut how you make Daddy come Babygirl.”

Carla wordlessly got down on her knees and fervently began sucking Daddy’s cock. I could feel a tear rolling down my cheek. That was supposed to be me, my mouth pleasing him, my tongue licking his shaft. I tried not to show my hurt. A few moments later, she pushed him back into a chair a few inches from me and sat on his lap; sliding his cock inside her, grinding him slowly as she touched herself. I could feel my wetness grow and a slight trickle starting down my legs. I was torn, I didn’t want her here, I didn’t want to share Daddy, but I also wanted to push my face into her soft little pussy and lick all the juices from their union. Sensing my desire Daddy turned towards me and said

“Do you want to lick Carla’s pussy babygirl?”

“Yes Daddy, yes please” I said. It was all I could do to resist the urge to bury my head in her soft creamy thighs, but I held myself back, and waited for permission. Daddy suddenly grabbed Carla by the hips, and held her steady, stopping her hypnotic movements. He looked over  at me, and with a grin uttered the words I’d been longing to hear “Lick her pussy.” he said.

All it took was a small movement, just a slight lean really, and I had her wet luscious clit in my mouth. While his cock was still inside her, I was able to lick the base of his shaft, suck his balls and back up to Carla’s expectant little clit. She began to rock a little and I licked faster keeping up the pace.

“That’s right my filthy little whores, don’t stop.”

I could feel them both rising. I knew they would come together. The rough ropes that bound my arms dug into my skin, etching a residual burning that only added heat to the fire already burning between my legs.

With Carla grabbing my hair and pulling my face into her soft creamy thighs, they rode the wave and came together. Her screams and his grunts filled the room, intensifying my lust. Within seconds, Carla pushed me into the couch, leaning my head back into the pillows and straddling my face. “Drink Daddy’s come, you filthy whore, lick me clean.” I eagerly complied by licking and sucking her pussy, Daddy’s come flowing inside my mouth to the back of my throat. As my tongue tasted her, I could feel her start rising again and she began riding my face, suffocating me. I tried to find my breath as I hung on, flicking my tongue and gasping for air, as I  watched her come for the second time.

When she was finally satiated she lifted herself from my face leaned down to kiss me as we waited eagerly for Daddy’s next instructions. Instead he just raised me by my arm and guided me to the chair, bending me over his lap, my face still dripping with come. He caressed my ass for a brief second and the next thing I knew I felt a sharp sting on my ass. I screamed in agony, but to no avail as 9 more followed suite alternating cheeks. I begged for mercy, promising anything and everything to make him stop. He didn’t, he didn’t even slow down. After the final one, Daddy rubbed my ass again with lotion. I had hoped that he would slide his fingers deliciously inside me as he had done so many times before, giving me one little reward after all this pain and punishment.But it was not to be, instead, Carla crawled to me and began kissing me gently, her tongue finding mine while Daddy administered another ten smacks to my already tender ass as she wiped the tears from my face. The pleasure I felt from Carla’s mouth as I tasted daddy’s come combined with the pain administered by each successive blow made my head spin with delirium. I lost all sense of time and place everything became a blur. I was desperate to come but I knew it would not be so, there would be no release tonight from the fire between my thighs – I had been a disobedient little brat and there was a price to pay. There was always a price to pay.

Once the last blow delivered, Daddy released my bound arms and lifted me into his arms. He lay me on the couch and kissed me gently as Carla snuggled in beside me as he covered us both in a warm comfy blanket complete with my favorite teddy bear.

Daddy kissed me on the forehead one last time,as he whispered in my ear that I would need  learn how to be a good little girl.. Eventually….

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