Lesson Four: Never The End

“Submission is a choice, born of free will and made from a place of strength. It is a deep-seated need to serve the one who has earned your obedience through patience, respect and trust.” – Unspoken

In the week before my last lesson, my nights had become restless. I lay awake on more than one occasion, staring at the ceiling. In one particular instance, I felt my will begin to waver. My attempts to push Jacob from my thoughts were failing me, and my fingers betrayed me to dance their way along the surface of my skin and remind me where he had been. Lost in my fantasies, my hand began moving it’s way further and further down. As my fingers began slipping their way into forbidden territory, my senses kicked into overdrive. Grabbing the pillow next to me, I slammed it in my face and exhaled loudly, releasing a growl like a barbaric animal. Rolling over, the sudden notification that illuminated my phone surprised me. It was past 3AM, after all. Reaching for the nightstand I saw Jacob’s name on the screen and my heart beat increased. Opening the message, it read: “I hope this message doesn’t wake you. I’ve had a very interesting evening, it was colorful to say the least. I couldn’t help but think of you, and wished you were coming home with me.” A moment later a second message from him popped up on the screen. “Taryn, please arrive promptly at my office at noon tomorrow. Be well.”  I rolled my eyes, smiling to myself. “The devil’s spawn,” I muttered under my breath “always so damn polite!”.

The past several weeks had been prolonged with heavy anticipation towards each lesson with Jacob, however, as the Grand Finale drew irrevocably closer I felt as though time was something I suddenly did not have enough of. The day was suddenly upon me and I was scurrying through my apartment in search of the perfect thing to wear. I had left my soft golden waves loose and tumbling around my shoulders secretly hoping for the possibility that Jacob would grab a handful. Having decided on one of my favorite silky summer dresses I glanced in the mirror, took one last sip of my sweet, merciful coffee, and rushed out the door.

My commute through the city felt short and I was trying my best to settle my nerves. I never knew what to expect with Jacob and today was no exception. I arrived in front of the looming doors of 365 at exactly 11:55am and their weight felt menacing as I  pushed my way through them. I flew across the marble floor but took care not to trip as I rushed into the elevator, paying no mind to the spiteful eyes of the pretty brunette who I had seen on my first visit.

Arriving in front of Jacob’s door with a literal second to spare, it opened before I had the opportunity to knock. “Good girl” he greeted me. Moving aside to let me in, I walked to the center of the room  and turned to face him awkwardly. He stood there, as handsome and self-assured as ever. His hair was down, today, and I had a yearning to cradle his head in my lap and run my fingers through it. Lost in the very thought of him, I barely noticed him approaching. “Are you ready for your final lesson?” He asked. I bit my lip, anxious to begin as the heat instantly began rising between my legs. I nodded my response before he continued “Choose a safe word.” I thought carefully for a moment then answered “four.” Pleased with my choice Jacob lifted me swiftly into his arms taking me by surprise and leaving me breathless. Walking me over to the bed which lay tucked away on the far side of the loft he set me down on the edge, lifting my dress over my head. “I’ve noticed you’ve forsaken wearing underwear, these last few times.” Jacob stood there a moment, taking in the full extent of my nudity. I could see his eyes engrain my shape and all it’s curves to memory and I felt the blush rise from my neck to my cheeks. From there, I was presented with a straight jacket which I eyed somewhat wearily. I had never experienced the full extent of restraint before and this would strip me of any control I may have had. Finally complying, I extended my arms allowing Jacob to slip it on. My breath quickened as he fastened the straps in the back with capable experienced hands. Gently, Jacob lay me down on the bed. He made quick work of cuffing my ankles and tying them down with the ropes extending from either side of the bed. Straddling me with his magnificent eyes piercing mine, any trepidation I had left simply melted away. Producing a ball gag from his back pocket, he inserted it in my mouth and fastened it in its new place. As I lay there fully restrained and powerless, unable to command my own actions, I opened myself to the deep feeling of arousal that grew persistently inside me and prepared for the possibility of ‘anything’.

Jacob hovered over me, appreciating the beauty of his masterpiece. I could feel his erection growing as his hips pressed into mine. I attempted to lift my hips so I could push into him in reply, but the restraints made it difficult to attain my objective. Moving his way down my body, he sampled different parts of me, tasting me as if I were something exotic. He was slow and meticulous, making sure not to linger on any one spot too long. As he reached my inner thigh, savoring it slowly, his mouth finally arrived to my center, teasing it slowly, touching me but not quite. Moaning through my gag, I forcefully tried to push myself into Jacob’s face. Stopping, Jacob looked up at me. “After weeks of patience, are you ready to come Taryn?” I nodded trying to ask for permission through the obstacle in my mouth. Lifting himself away from me, Jacob returned with a paddle that had been laying on the bed, making me wonder how I had not seen it.

“Not yet, Taryn.” Holding my gaze from the end of the bed, I suddenly felt a sharp slap on the heel of my foot. I was surprised by the pain that seared through me, as I bit down. Once again, he struck, this time the other foot. I winced, but breathed through it. Somehow the sensation felt wholesome. The pain was well rounded and magnified all the other sensations that were coursing through my body. Throwing the paddle on the bed, Jacob turned and walked away. Taking a seat at his desk with a sly smile forming on his lips. “I have some work to do, let’s take a break. Surely you can be patient for a little longer?” turning to his computer without waiting for an answer.

I had lost all track of time. Hours could have passed and I wouldn’t have been the wiser. My inner voice raged inside of my head. Frustration was taking over and it took all of my mental faculties to focus, to calm myself. Every so often Jacob would look my way, satisfied that he had me exactly where he wanted me. My body having become one with the restraints, I realized I felt comforted by them and no longer as though they commanded me. I was no longer afraid of having lost my own self-control. Closing my eyes I embraced the tightness that cocooned my upper body and allowed myself to drift. After some time, I felt Jacob’s hand cradling the back of my head. My eyes opened to his beautiful face looking down at me and asking “Are you ok?”. Removing the ball gag he kissed my mouth ravenously as though hunger had been consuming him, as well. I plunged my tongue into his mouth before he could stop me, giving myself permission to taste him for all that he had already taken. I deserved this small gift. I felt him grab a fistful of my hair and tug making me moan as he met my intensity.

Still kissing me I felt Jacob’s hand slowly glide down my body, his fingers finding their way home. I arched for him as much as the restraints would allow. He gave me the pleasure of slipping his finger inside me. Then another and another, this time going all the way in. I held my breath trying to stay perfectly still. Fearful that he might stop. Moving in and out, slowly at first and then a little faster, his thumb rubbed my clit while he did so. Closing my eyes, I could feel the flame of my orgasm begin to spark. “Jacob, I am going to come, please let me come!” Forcing me to look at him, he bid me to ask properly. In a breathless attempt, I could barely make out the words as I was reaching my peak, “Do I have your permission to come?” I could see him hesitate, and then, “You may come.” His words were barely out as I felt my world begin to explode around me. I took in a breath and held it there, closing my eyes and muting everything around me, allowing myself to rise, rise and rise higher. I held back the scream that threatened to escape my lips, allowing my orgasm to last a few seconds longer. When I finally opened my eyes, Jacob was looking down at me, his eyes dark and hungry. “Good Girl.”

Having unfastened the restrains and freed me, Jacob was now cradling me in his arms. He caressed various parts of my body and kissed my forehead, making sure I was ok. Lost in my euphoria I could barely nod let alone utter a coherent confirmation. My lessons had come full circle, teaching me a great deal about myself and the beauty of letting go.

We spent some time entwined before Jacob indicated that it was time for me to go. I tried to shake my head no, but he lifted his hands and told me that I had to; our lessons had been concluded. I was confused, I honestly hadn’t believed that the end of our lessons would also mean the end of us entirely. How could I walk away from this?

Slipping on my dress reluctantly but obediently, I took my things and headed for the door. I could tell by his eyes that something was weighing heavy on Jacob’s mind as he walked me to the elevator. He pressed the button and looked at me, that hungry look present even as he dismissed me “It was a pleasure, my dear Taryn.” In that moment I refused to accept that this was the end. Letting go of my things I dropped myself to my knees in front of him. Placing my hands to his thighs I begged him to take me “I want you to fuck me right here and right now Jacob!” and threatened to stay where I was until he took me. I realized the true lesson of our time together then: you can never fully appreciate the power of control until you lose it to another. Lifting me by the shoulders, Jacob slammed me into the wall, furiously assaulting my mouth with his. Frantically undoing his pants I tugged them down, greedily wrapping my hand around his cock. His hands were masterful as he lifted me off the ground and fucked me skilfully but savagely against the wall. Each thrust was as though it could be the last; deep, forceful, and necessary. I screamed out his name as my next orgasm exploded in waves and felt rewarded as he allowed himself to come inside me and satisfy his own carnal need.


Satisfied with her work, Alexa did one final read through of her novella before sending it off to her editor. She had never written a piece such as this. She hoped that she had done justice to a Submissives point of view, having never experienced it herself. Blushing, she wondered what her editor would think. Would he suspect that Submission was an experience she secretly craved?

“I wonder if things like this happen in real life?”

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