Silent Whispers

“I just know there’s something dark in me and I hide it. I certainly don’t talk about it, but it’s there always, this Dark Passenger. And when he’s driving, I feel alive, half sick with the thrill of complete wrongness. I don’t fight him, I don’t want to.” Unknown

The weather service had issued warnings of heavy rains, high winds and falling trees. It was late. There was definitely a storm coming, black menacing clouds began billowing in from the west. Their brassy glare drained color from houses and trees and burnished cars in driveways, leaving neighborhoods tinted a golden bronze in the faltering light. The air grew heavy and the humidity pressed down, suffocating all that it embraced.

The scent of rain is a dark and heady, ready to overwhelm you at any moment.  The fall leaves crunched and cracked under my feet as I hurried to the school library, not wanting to be caught in the storm. I looked forward to nestling in a corner with one of my favorite books and a hot cup of tea. I am no longer a student at the college, having graduated several years ago, but I return often, as it remains to this day, my safe haven.

As I approached the grounds, the building rose like a fortress in the mist. The school’s walls seemed to spring from the soil as if the very dirt insulted them. Such ornate sandstone was too pretty to touch the earth, indeed it was fancier than many a palace. The windows were oversized, mullioned and almost cathedral-like. Inside, every room was bathed in daylight from the first kiss of dawn to the twilight hours. By night the oak floors and antique furniture are bathed in the flicker of yellow candlelight from the many candelabras that still hang there, despite that electricity has been incorporated into the structure for nearly a century. During my years as a student I could often be found exploring the endless hidden passages of the school alone. Between classes I would spend hours in the grand hall looking up at the mosaic ceilings book in hand – but above all, my favorite place was and always remains the library. The bookcases are ornate, carved by a person with a profound love of literature. The engravings of foliage, autumn berries and birds on the wing – so sublime as to invite the fingers to take it in just as much as the eye. On them, row after row of neatly stacked books with their spines facing outward, colour coded with dots, each section arranged in alphabetical order, floor cushions, comfortable leather arm chairs, tables for quiet study, the librarian at the help desk with her cinnamon scented tea, looking at the assembled students through her reading glasses, the hushed atmosphere punctured by the occasional laugh or cough.

As I walked up to the library, I was relieved that there were only a few students loitering, I didn’t need the distraction and I quickened my pace, eager to lose myself in the blissful silence. Lost in thought, I did not catch the shadow that suddenly loomed over me and was startled as I walked right into into my old English Lit. professor. As I realized who was upon me, I blushed, there was only one word to describe this sun-kissed Grecian professor. Mesmerizing.  

Emerald green eyes that made you think of the warm waters off the coast of Zakynthos. His lips, a pale pink, shaped like a rose bud. The top lip thinner, but not too thin, and the bottom one was larger and more plush. The look of them is enough to send the mind into a sensual state of intoxication, giving one a dire need to reach out and caress them, perhaps even kiss them. A prominent jaw curved gracefully around and the strength of his neck showed in the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body. My heart raced, clearly impacted by his presence. Flustered, I attempted to apologize and politely excuse myself, but to my annoyance, he turned to follow me inside. As a natural introvert, I lack the basic skill for small talk, and so when other women swooned at his melodic voice, I was not so easily affected. However, manners taught me never to be impolite, and so I chose to indulge him for a while. He had been after all one of my favorite professors with whom at the time, immune to his devilishly good looks, made it easy to develop an easy friendship.

Hours passed, we had settled in comfortably discussing several topics at length … art, history and the latest books we had read. During this time I was pleasantly reminded of how much I had enjoyed his lectures and I was glad that I hadn’t been so quick to dismiss him earlier.

As I looked through the far window, I noticed that it was night. “It’s getting late, I should go” I said as I stood stretching. “Stay a little longer” he pleaded, giving me a seductive smile. Declining politely, I hinted at an appointment ahead. Standing, he hovered a few inches over me, pretending to be intimidating, making it clear he wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Swiping my favorite copy of Jane Austen from the top of my pile, he held it above my head and leaned into my ear, whispering “you’ll have to catch me first.”

Taking off at a run, I was left flabbergasted at the sheer immaturity of what had just occurred, before quickly giving chase. It was late and the halls were dark, their marble floors and white walls offering but a reflective gleam here and there, The doors a glossy black, glistening in the relative darkness. Following the echo of his footsteps, I could hear my heart shrieking in my ears. I am afraid of the dark and I didn’t know whether to be terrified or exhilarated. Running, faster and faster, my eye  caught a glimpse of a his shadow turning a corner, his laughter echoing down the hall like the sounds you hear in a horror film. As I made a sharp turn to follow, he was gone. I stopped abruptly, trying to catch my breath, looking around me, trying not to be afraid I squinted hoping for a hint of his location. For the second time that day, his shadow appeared, forming in the opening of a classroom door. As my mouth opened to spit out profanities, he grabbed me and pulled me in, slamming the door behind us.

Pressing me hard up against the door his lips touched mine. Kissing me softly at first and allowing his hunger to grow as mine parted. His mouth found its way down the hollows of my neck, and then to my collar bone, sending shivers down my spine as I indulged in the momentary pleasure of having someone take control. Taking both my wrists in one hand, he pulled them over my head as the other explored my body Teasing me; hot, fiery, passionate and demanding. I wanted to pull away before losing myself, but i couldn’t seem to, my spirit weakened by his strong hands and furtive lips. My senses had been seduced and I could no longer think straight. “Jaclyn” he whispered slowly, prolonging each syllable as if to savor them. I smiled, my stomach fluttered and I clasped my hands on either side of his face, giving in and pulling him in for more.

Slowly undoing the buttons of my blouse he traced the outline of my nipples through my silk bra, and I moaned loudly as a ripple of pleasure coursed through me. His fingers slipped inside my pants as we both breathed heavy against our entwined tongues, he moved quickly, teasing my center over my panties making me arch involuntarily and moan louder unable to articulate words. Lowering to my stomach and to the opening of my jeans, he looked up at me and whispered in the darkness, “I’m going to make you beg for it!”

My jeans were slowly removed completely, his mouth trailed to my thighs and I could hear him breathing in my scent, taking it all in, enjoying it in the most luxurious of ways. My fingers found the tendrils of his silky raven curls and I tried to guide him to where I yearned for his mouth. To my surprise he stood abruptly picked me up and carried me to a desk in the corner of the room. He then quickly turned me around  pressing me hard into the cold metal of the desk. His fingers grazed the edge of my ass and without hesitation he slapped my behind – graze slap – graze – slap. I was breathing hard. Leaning into my ear, his hips pressing me further into the desk, my former professor whispered, “You’re going to have to call me Sir” my thighs quivered in response as a my face started feeling like it was on fire, “y-y-yes” I answered desperately. “Yes, what?” he gave a light tug of my hair. I paused, realizing what was expected of me, if I was to get what I so desperately desired. “Y-Y-Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl!” he replied, “ I’m going to fuck you now” he teased as he began rubbing the place he had just struck. Bending me over slightly, he kicked my legs apart and teased my clit as my legs continued shaking with anticipation.

“Please, Sir! Please fuck me!”

Have you been a good girl?” he asked coyly as his finger continued their teasing wicked little dance. “Yes Sir, I’ve been a good girl I swear, please!!!” His hand moved suddenly to my neck with a grip that threatened to cut off my breath as well as my circulation.

I was gasping for air at this point, my vision started to blur as I felt his fingers move inside me as he looked at me with what I can only describe as a smug grin. As quickly as I felt them enter me I felt them withdraw. His grip on my neck loosened somewhat and I was able to breath again, just as he brought those very same fingers to my mouth and forcibly parted my lips. I knew what he wanted and I found myself unable to refuse as I obediently sucked and licked them, the taste and smell of my sex on his fingers only served to increase my arousal.

Dragging a glistening trail of my saliva down my exposed chest he instructed me to unclasp his pants. I did so slowly, my eyes never leaving his. With care, I lowered the zipper, allowing my fingertips to graze him, astounded by his length and girth. Reflexively, I bit my lip and  looked at him with the most innocent look I could muster and coyly uttered words that to this day I cannot believe came out of my mouth “Can I taste you Sir?” I began lowering myself while never taking my eyes off him. I could feel his erection pulsing against my chest, as I slowly pressed up against it while moving downward, pleased, as he finally relented, allowing me to pull his pants down to his knees

My mouth quickly found the tip of his cock, throbbing, swollen and eager. Guiding my head, in a single stroke my mouth was filled with the length of his shaft as I gagged. He began to move slowly, back and forth, his hand clasped firmly at the back of my head wrapped around my hair.

“Look at me” he commanded. Careful not to move for fear of breaking our rhythm, I lifted my eyes to look directly up at him, keeping my lips firmly wrapped around him as his thrusts never wavered. “Is that what you wanted ?” He asked, his cock pressing against the back of my throat. “Yes, Sir” I answered obediently as spit ran down my lips.

The throbbing in my mouth was growing ever more urgent, I could feel he was getting close, but just as I thought the moment was upon us, he suddenly pulled my head back and withdrew. In one swift motion, he  bent down, lifting me off the ground, my arms and legs instinctually wrapping themselves around him, “please Sir, please fuck me,” I begged. To my great relief he sat me on the edge of the desk and plunged deep inside me, thrusting slowly at first, but increasing the pace until he was going at it with wild abandon. My nails dug into his back for balance  as much as anything else. I felt the first wave of an incredible orgasm begin to rise slowly inside me. “I’m so close” I whispered between gasps as I found myself begging him to let me come.

“No” he said firmly as I completely lost my mind. “I’ll tell you exactly when I want you to come” he said as his hand wrapped itself around my throat once again while he continued to thrust forcefully. I was at his mercy, my mind a vortex of heightened sensations, spinning out of control and quickly losing my grip on reality. His thrusting accelerated as I struggled to hold back the coming explosion, when I unexpectedly I heard him utter the words I longed  to hear “Come for Me, Baby” his ragged breath whispered in my ear. Throwing back my head, a gutteral sound I’d never heard before came from somewhere deep inside me, the sound of my orgasm filled the room as I continued to buck in rhythm to his thrusts until finally his legs began quivering between my own, welcoming his own release as our waves of electric current magnified all my senses into yet another beautiful multicolored explosion.

Sounds of our heavy breathing filled the room, our naked bodies leaning into each other. If he were to move, I was unsure I could even hold myself up and then I slowly began to realize what I had just allowed myself to do. Pulling away gently, my chin was lifted up so that my eyes would meet his. “Thank you for sharing this with me.” He whispered as his lips found mine in a gentle closing kiss.            

After having pulled myself together, I made my way down the hallway and out the front door, I felt the stillness fall over the street, and in the silence came a low crackle of thunder, rolling across rooftops to the pattering of tiny raindrops. For a moment, everything stopped. Even the wind held its breath. A streak of hot silver split the sky, the downpour began and I began to run.

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