Forget everything you know. Quiet. No questions. Just taste me. That will give you the answer.

Close your eyes. Close your mouth. Close your mind. Feel me own you. I want you to worship me properly. Is that clear? I want your most depraved, filthy, disgusting thoughts.

There is an ache I can’t control, in a place I can’t name. I am not into soft kisses; I want to take you. I want to run my hands through your hair, sink my teeth into your flesh. I want to kiss you until you can’t breathe. The more you submit, the greater my joy. I am a savage; Submissive for only one, Dominant for all the rest.

Forget everything you know. I am not your good girl. I am not your property. I will not say thank you.

And at the end of this …you will thank me.

The air begins to feel cool and damp as midnight approaches. The warmth of day has long dwindled, releasing an uncontrolled shiver under my skin. As I step out of my car into the sweet rain-washed darkness, the sounds of night become loud in my ears; even the rustling of leaves and the whisper of wind seems thunderous. Taking pause for a moment, I lean against my car. Still wet from being caught in the earlier downpour, my white cotton shirt clings to me like a second skin showing my erect nipples poking through the damp material. I light a cigarette and inhale deeply, enjoying the cloud of smoke as it escapes my lungs. I have been coming to this house since I was in high school. We all thought it was haunted then. I know I still do.

Under the cover of night, the house resembles any other in the district; red brick with a peaked slated roof. In the daylight, its dire state is revealed. The bricks are of another era. Not solid red, like the others, but swirled with varying hues lending the two storey dwelling a misplaced mottled look. The window frames are wooden, showing their age with large flakes of white paint tearing off like dandruff. The front porch is sunken, it’s long pine panels suffering years worth of rot. Each component forever longing for the warmth of a restorative touch.

The house lives content yet under constant shadow. The sun keeps reaching for walls that persistently shrink away from its rays. The window panes remain black without the rippling effect of light; the dust clings to the dirt of years and could so easily be washed away. The walls are so cold to the touch,  they steal the heat from warm fingers. It’s certain that there are ghosts inside, or so we’ve been told. Only the house can usher them out and wish for those rays to kiss it warmly.

I hate that Kyle lives here, I know he hates it too but he is drawn to this place. He is the gatekeeper holding the last of its humility in place. I take a final drag of my smoke and let it drop from my fingers, crushing it with my boot as it hits the wet ground. I take a step forward and I feel an electric current of power course through my body. He is waiting for me.

Moving through the darkness I cross the untended lawn and walk through the front door that is always unlocked and ready to welcome the willing passerby. The ancient floorboards creak beneath my feet making me cringe as the sound echoes through the house. I walk through the draughty corridor and into the kitchen with its glistening white tiles, the only welcoming sound is the hum of the old refrigerator promising that someone does indeed live here.

Making a sharp right I am relieved to have reached my destination. I place my fingers on the brass door knob, turn the handle and take the narrow steps into darkness. The warmth of the room caresses my cheeks as I walked down with hardly any noise but the crackle of the fire to break the near perfect silence.

The basement is the only salvageable thing in the house, constructed from quarry rock, its walls thicker than a medieval castle, but like the rest of the house, remains to this day unfinished; cold cement floors, exposed beams and hallowed walls with fluffy pink insulation sticking out in random places. Everything in this space is functional giving away his infinite bachelorhood. The basement is about as big as a small soccer field, on one end is a workshop where I often find him tinkering when he is in a particular mood. The other end is his cozy little lair; a mattress covered by a woven quilt, a random set of mismatched mahogany dressers that have withstood many previous owners, and like everything else in the room the couch told its own story. Having seen many years and many seasons it was a testimony to the personality of its owner. I have enjoyed many a night nestled in his arms on this couch, our naked flesh dancing together in the burning firelight of the wood burning stove.

As I reached the bottom, I spotted him on the far end of the workshop perched on a tall metal stool, book in hand, brow furrowed, a single spotlight illuminating both him and the book.  I can tell he has been brooding, my sweet boy, always with the weight of the world on his shoulders. As I approach him, he raises an eyebrow in acknowledgement of my sudden appearance, “hey darlin'” he whispers, lowering the book and welcoming me into his open arms. I could smell the strong musk of sweat and metal that I have grown to associate with him. I parted my lips, enjoying the warm crevice of his neck and using my tongue, I allow myself a taste. I enjoy the low growl forming in his throat in response and I admit the sheer presence of him turns me on so fiercely it makes me instantly wet, stroking my imagination with an instant desire to play.

My mind drifts but for a moment as I indulge in his warmth, my thoughts taking me to an earlier time and the journey leading to this very time and space. I’ve known Kyle for a long time, our friendship was slow to develop but once it found its course, it blossomed. Kyle, my dark prince, his beautiful porcelain face, well defined with a sharp jawline and angular cheekbones.

His eyes are the ocean, so full of life yet so uncertain, their blue-green hue carrying his emotional currents that drown all who dare look into them. In those eyes you will find the guardian of many profound secrets and know that if you were to attempt to pry them from him, you would find that he keeps them firmly held within a strongbox so beautiful that you wouldn’t dare to open in fear of what you might find within. This has always made him the object of desire for both men and women and has also been the result of many broken hearts. Beneath his mask, is an ill tempered man who does not know where he belongs or who he is. At his core he feels only void and so constantly layers a new identity around himself.

He pulls me back to the present by taking my chin between his fingers and forcing me to look up at him. A deep longing mirroring my own reflects in his eyes and I feel an electric spark course through me as my lips take on a dangerous smirk. He smiles a knowing smile in return, “goody” he responds unabashed. I take a handful of his shirt and pull him towards me and I am instantly rewarded with the pleasure of seeing his dark mood lift from his eyes and quickly replaced with anticipation.

I drag him through the basement walking backwards and stopping in the center of the room I lift my hand to his cheek and run my fingers along his smooth skin before pulling back to give him a sharp slap. “Don’t you dare move. You will do as you are told, is that clear?”

“Yes!” He answers obediently, looking down. My fingers reach under the seams of his shirt gliding it over his head and I toss it to the ground without a second thought. I look around eagerly for a way to achieve my intended goal and am quickly rewarded with the immediate perks of having a workshop accessible at my fingertips. A chain and pulley dangle from the ceiling joist, most likely used to lift a piece of metal too heavy for him alone. Taking the chain I wrap it around his outstretched hands binding his wrists and pull, hoisting his arms up over his head and making him stand on his tippy toes. Pleased with my handiwork, I take a moment to admire his helpless body suspended from the ceiling. I circle him once, then twice, while running my fingers across his bare torso and to the small of his back. I feel his ribs move with his breathing, soft and shallow during the first turn and short and fast on my second. His eyes never leave the ground as he waits patiently for my next move. Standing in front of him, I admire the deep curves of his hip bones and I allow my fingers to slide downward to graze them as I slowly unfastened his belt. While keeping a firm grip on the buckle, I allow his pants to slowly fall away and stroke the soft beaten leather between my fingertips as I contemplate my next move.

Ever so slowly, I glide the belt around his neck and use both ends to yank him forward. “Look at me!” I command assertively. I am rewarded with perfect obedience as he immediately locks his eyes with mine. Never breaking our gaze, I lean in, tracing the outline of his lips with my tongue before taking him into a hard kiss that lasts a mere second. He lets out a slight whimper as I release him, his erection growing with each anticipated touch. I lower my mouth to his neck and then his nipple enjoying as he trembles when I bite down. When my hand finally lowers, I can feel his cock throb beneath my lingering fingers. Exhaling loudly, his eyes close and I hear the faint whisper of “please” form around his lips as he prepares to beg.

“Look at me when you speak!” I say darkly while folding the belt in half. He opens his eyes, locking our gaze once more and speaks the words that fill me with a surge of power, “please, take me. I am yours. Yours to do with as you will.” I smile triumphantly and give his chest a sharp, controlled whip, enjoying the pink welt that forms beneath the blow on his pale skin. I do this once, then twice more before I lean in and kiss him deeply allowing him a moment to absorb the pain and pleasure of it. His body glistens in the light and I am drawn to run my fingers up the nape of his neck and through his damp hair, making him growl as I give a hard tug.

I feel the excitement between my legs as I pull my shirt over my head and cast it to the side. My erect nipples brush his chest as I stand in front of him, my mouth inches away from his. Needing to satisfy an urge, I bring my hands over his head and bite my nails into his skin. Starting from his wrists I drag them all the way down his back, leaving a blazing trail of red on his tender skin. Kyle leans in defiantly, closing his mouth around mine as he groans. I bite down hard, almost enough to draw blood. “You know the rules. No touching without permission.” I purr, his lower lip still caught between my teeth. My hand lowers to give his hard cock a single stroke making him sigh before I step back and administer my punishment. I strike his chest with the belt once, then twice and deliver a third blow that holds no mercy.

Standing there, I take a moment to observe Kyle adoringly as he remains perfectly still, obedient, ready and willing to take on any pain I wish to dispense. Intoxicated by his devotion, I am drawn to strike his porcelain skin one last time, enjoying the sound of the leather hitting bare flesh. Releasing the belt from my grasp, I let it slip to the floor and move forward using the tip of my fingers to fondle his balls. Just a simple caress before taking them fully into the warmth of my hand and giving a gentle tug. “Are you ready to please me?” I ask with a smug smile forming on my lips. “Always!” He answers returning my smile. I walk over to the pulley that lowers the chain and bring him to his knees with his arms still suspended.

Standing in front of him, I slowly start to undo my pants with his face inches away from my zipper. He licks his lips and I linger a moment allowing him a generous view of my carefully selected lace panties. I perform a slow turn as I slip them completely off and bend over, spread my feet, bend my knees and grab my ankles, presenting my ample ass for attention just inches from his face. “You know what to do, don’t you baby?” I whisper flirtatiously.

Without hesitation his tongue begins to moves in short little teasing circles around my ass, darting in and out before taking a long stroke all the way to my pussy. A shiver runs down my spine as I feel his warm tongue explore my folds and pushing inward. His long teasing strokes quicken my breathing and elicit hungry moans from deep within me. I push back harder against each stroke of his tongue until I feel it slide inside me and I gasp as an electric current runs through me. I bring my fingers to touch myself as his tongue continues moving steadily in and out of me and just as I am about to come he glides his tongue back to my ass and picks up where he left off stroking in hard circular motions. In that moment before I come, every nerve in my body and brain becomes electric as my mouth lets out a moan in deep ecstasy.

The desire for more overcomes me and I drop to my knees and align myself in front of him on all fours. I look back at Kyle with the fiercest of looks and I order him to fuck me. Spreading his knees further apart for leverage he glides inside my wet pussy in one swift motion sending my head spinning once again. His cock pulses inside me as I start moving against him. “You are not to come, is that clear?” I growl  through clenched teeth. I can see him bite his lip hard as he keeps up with my rhythm and gasps an obedient “YES!”

My fingers feel as though they will break through the cement as I push myself harder and deeper into him as my second orgasm begins to peek. Beads of sweat begin to form on my back as what feels like fire takes over my body sending me into a frenzy as the second orgasm rips through my body at last.

“PLEASE! May I come” Kyle begs. I can hear the desperation in his voice as he continues thrusting. Regaining my senses I pull away abruptly in order to catch my breath as Kyle pants behind me. Standing, I walk over to the pulley and raise him back to his feet before going back and wrapping my fingers around his throat while licking my juices from his lips. Lowering myself to my knees I take him into my mouth. I begin gliding his cock in and out in swift and long strokes as my hand reaches up to caress his balls lovingly. The pulsing in my mouth tells me he is close as he uses his hips to thrust harder and faster while begging again to be released. I look up at him, never releasing him from my mouth and nod my approval. A low growl escapes his throat as my tongue caresses the full length of his shaft fervently while he delivers his final thrusts and I slip a finger gently into his ass causing him to explode in my mouth in a violent earth shattering orgasm. His knees suddenly buckle and his whole body goes limp against me leaving him hanging precariously by his wrists.

I swallow the come in my mouth and lick the tip of his cock enjoying the taste of his pleasure on my lips. My body is slick with sweat as is his. I stand to release him, kissing his mouth as I do so. Once released his arms immediately find their way around me, “thank you.” he exhales into my neck. I stroke his cheek and lead us to the sofa in front of the burning fire. Sliding into my arms, his head finds a place to rest on my abdomen while my fingers stroke the soft tendrils of his hair.

I want to make myself perfectly clear, when I have finished claiming you, you will know exactly who it is that you belong to.

In every Dominant’s heart there is a nerve that answers to the vibrations of submission

Our desire is to complete, but never alter.

We see what is there, never what is missing.

We receive and never take.

Do you trust me completely to know what you need. And I do know what you need.

Forget what you know…

This is not a role, this is real. This is not a game, this is life.

Now you say, “Thank you.”

© 2019 My Provocative Truths by El Jackie O – All Rights Reserved

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In collaboration with Carlos David & CJR Editing

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