About Me

Everyone is a mere voyeur. Watching from afar. If you earn permission to enter her garden, thread carefully. For that is where her dark storm rages, discouraging unworthy visitors. Conquer the tempest that lies in wait and you’ll find her there, dancing among the wildflowers.

I enjoy getting lost in a world of my own creations. Every time I sit down with my keyboard, my experience becomes a very personal, very intoxicating journey. My words are more than words, they are a gateway into the mouths that have scorned me, the moments that have touched me, my darkest desires, wants and needs. I enjoy lusting after things, I believe there isn’t anything more intoxicating than anticipation. That is what I offer my readers; anticipation – the want for more.

I consider myself to be an artist, my art takes many shapes and forms, anything that will stimulate the eye and awaken the mind. I create on impulse and never on demand. There can be long periods when it seems my creative nature becomes dormant and then suddenly it ignites and I become a force.

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