Monster Unleashed

“No kind of sensation is keener and more active than pain it’s impressions are unmistakable.” Marquis DeSade

Monsters are not only bred from darkness, monsters are also created. A monster by definition is an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly and frightening. It’s the unknown lingering under your bed making you wish your blankets had the power of invisibility. A monster comes in many shapes and forms; its main purpose to destroy. They are creatures of elaborate pain, a motherless, fatherless creature shadowed in robes, veiled in black taking shape of all the things we fear most.

It was half passed one, it was the best time to go to ‘Daddy’s’. His strip joint was always crowded just enough at this hour for me to slip in unnoticed. I rested my hand on the rough paintwork that coated the door and pushed. The hinges squealed as though in warning, their plea was silenced by a wall of noise. Conversations swirled in a dirty cloud of smoke and deafening music. The sharp smell of drink hit me hard, like a blaze of smoke bellowing from the windows of a burning house. The bar curved into the room, dark in the already barely lit space. An elevated stage in the shape of a T stood at the center, it’s gleaming poles reflecting the lights shining down from the ceiling. There are establishments that have opted to refine their businesses to attract a higher-end type of clientele. Not here. It was always a den of debauchery and alcoholism. No-one came here with anything wholesome in mind.

Sleek, slim, slender, I passed a group of smoking dancers as I made my way to my usual spot in the back. Orange ash tumbling from their bony fingers, their doe like eyes weighing me up. I let my red hair create a curtain between us as I quickened my pace and pulled the hood of my cloak closer protecting myself from their prying eyes.

I took a seat at the small round table in the furthest, darkest corner of the room. No one usually sat there, so it had become mine by default. I liked that nobody really noticed me either, nobody that is, except Bailey. Bailey was one of the waitresses at Daddy’s, she was tall and slender with black hair that reached her ass. Her skin was a soft creamy caramel color and her eyes were a striking shade of green. She was always kind and never starred. I liked the way she called me “Honey.”

A few months ago, I had been diagnosed with an uncommon skin condition that if left untreated could spread or worse result in permanent scarring. The cocktail of medications that were given to me left me feeling weak and uncomfortable most of the time. The physical side-effects had lead me to become completely antisocial; my face was blistery and severely dry. No amount of makeup could conceal the angry shade of red that had become my complexion The pain was intolerable as skin peeled away making me feel as if I were a molting lizard. I felt monstrous and for this reason I had become a creature of the night. Daddy’s was a place I could hide openly and not lose sight of my humanity.

As I watched the stage from the shadows, I admired the provocative ways the dancers moved their bodies to the music. Flowing in graceful arcs, limbs in constant motion, painting an erotic picture sound alone could never achieve. Dance isn’t simply movement. It’s the most honest form of communication I know. Isn’t that how we humans are, saying what we think we ought but showing how we truly feel in our art?

“Hey there Honey, how’s it going?” Bailey asked me in her low sultry voice. Looking down, allowing my hair to fall over my face, I answered my usual with a cynical chuckle, “same shit, different day B!” Putting a drink down in front of me, Bailey smirked, “ain’t no reason to be so grumpy, have a drink, perk up a little Honey, how you gonna find a man?” I extended my hand to lift the drink, the cheap booze wafting into my nostrils. A sour and vile taste slipped into my mouth, nullifying my senses, stealing away reality in favour of fantasy. The strong tonic had become my only cure. I lifted my hand and waved Bailey off, I wasn’t particularly in the mood tonight. Taking me by surprise, Bailey reached her hand into my hood and cupped my chin rubbing her thumb along my lower lip. I recoiled instantly, but that only made her cup my face harder, refusing to let go. She assertively lowered herself and looked me straight in the eye, “You ain’t gonna waste away in this place night after night ya hear?” Her southern drawl becoming more pronounced as she became forceful. “You’re gonna come home with me tonight, and I ain’t gonna hear no complaining about it. Meet me in front in an hour, and if you decide to disappear, don’t bother coming back here tomorrow!” Stunned, I sat there as fear began crawling up my spine. I was a monster, I did not want to be seen, let alone touched. I could still feel the residual sting of her fingers on my face but I could also feel the tingle in my stomach as the warmth began to spread between my legs.

At exactly 3, I walked out of Daddy’s. Bailey was smoking a cigarette, leaning against the brick wall talking to one of the dancers. Seeing me, she immediately dropped her conversation and walked over. “Smart move Honey, I woulda been real pissed if you had ditched me!” I laughed, admiring her long legs as I looked down. “You’re a little scary B, I somehow feel like fucking with you would have been a bad idea.” Wrapping her arm around my shoulder, she nodded as she took a long drag from her cigarette, “you fucking know it.” she said. Nighttime stretched ahead of us as we walked the short distance to Bailey’s apartment. The long road people had travelled in the daylight hours, now charcoal hued and cold. The darkness was like a black curtain, bringing spies from the shadows and dames that shun the sunlight hours. From every doorway curled cigarette smoke, arcing lazily into the black, and from the basement bars came loose saxophone jazz. This wasn’t a city of starlight or moonbeams.

Bailey led me up a narrow set of stairs, and into the darkness of her apartment. The moonlight shining through the bare windows allowed me to make out the various shapes that inhabited the small room. The room had been furnished on a meagre budget, but it was full of warmth nonetheless. As I continued to explore the darkness, I was assaulted with the sweet smell of pine and citrus. My eyes searched for the source and quickly settled on the plume of smoke rising from the kitchen table. Even in the dark I could see him like a shining beacon. The white creamy tone of his skin reminding me of whipped milk as moonlight shone through the window and on to him. I couldn’t help but wonder if I reached out, would I only graze air. As if he were nothing but a ghost. “Is this the girl you’ve been telling me about love?” His words rolled off his tongue in a timbre of warmth, the melodic sounds distinctly foreign. He stood and walked over as Bailey introduced us. The man stood in front of me and as was my usual habit when people approached me, I looked down letting my hair curtain my face. His shoulders were wide and his hands were magnificent as he lifted my chin, pushing everything back so he could look at me through the darkness. I tried to resist, but he was forceful in holding me where he wanted me. “No need to fret love, we are all monsters here.” His hands cupped my face, his thumbs exploring the ragged surface of my skin and as if on impulse, he lowered his mouth to mine, not innocently like a tease but fiery and demanding. I wanted to pull away but Bailey’s body blocked my escape. I felt her hot breath on my neck as her fingers swept my hair to the side and then the tender brush of lips. The warmth of her tongue, tasting me with a ravenous hunger. Fear and sickness rolled through my body but a moan of pleasure escaped my lips nonetheless as it received the attention it had been longing for so long.

“This is David, Honey and he’s gonna make everything better, alright?” Bailey whispered in my ear. David responded by gently pulling a blackout mask over my head. The tension released from my body as I exhaled in relief, solaced by the silky material allowing me to escape further into the darkness. I complied like a rag doll as David and Bailey’s experienced fingers made quick work of undressing me. It felt good to be between them, I didn’t feel so much a monster as the object of their current desire. David’s inserted his fingers in the designated mouth hole of my mask, his fingers tasted like tobacco and mint making me salivate as I sucked on them hungrily. I moaned as he slid them in and out and as if reading my mind, David bent me over and slid his cock into my waiting mouth. I had forgotten how much I loved the feel of a hard cock in my mouth and I indulged myself by taking him deeper. Grabbing a fistful of hair, he began pumping his cock in and out making me groan with pleasure. Meanwhile, I could feel Bailey’s palm caressing my ass, her nails digging deep into my skin right before she lifted her hand and slapped me hard. David held my head in place, my lips firmly around his cock as Bailey slapped me several more times. All fear and disgust I felt for myself melted away as my cunt dripped begging to be penetrated. I pleaded into David’s cock, wanting to continue sucking it. “Stay still little one.” He cooed. From behind me, I could hear Bailey messing around with velcro and straps, her actions were quick and seamless and before I had the chance to wonder what it could possibly be, I felt the silky penetration of a dildo enter me. I moaned loudly, enjoying the pleasure as she slowly fucked me from behind. I growled as she pulled out, not wanting her to stop as David lifted me upright. My anticipation was growing and I was rewarded by the crack of the whip that suddenly struck my back.

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