Lesson Three: The Virtue of Patience

The wonder of being a slave, as you put it, isn’t that we serve when it suits us but rather that we serve always.” — Unknown

Patience is not something I am particularly good at unless I have the upper hand. It had been five days and I had not heard a whisper from Jacob. My instructions were to wait to be summoned for my third lesson after being firmly cautioned not to touch myself. I had spent most of the week pressed against the wall of my shower letting icy cool water sooth the desire I felt to reach for the dildo always waiting for me in my nightstand.

Friday morning found me sitting in my usual spot at the cafe. I had been growing increasingly frustrated with myself over the course of the morning, wondering how I had let a man that I had met only a few short weeks prior, completely derail my thoughts. As writing was my only source of income, I was sure I would not make my rent this month as I regularly found myself staring absently at a blank screen. I sighed, slapped the lid of my laptop down and decided to walk the thirty minutes home. Walking would ensure I paid attention to where I was going, leaving less room for the ongoing sensation between my legs to dominate me.

Climbing the stairs to my apartment, I was greeted with a white gift box at the door. Attached to it there was a small envelope with my initial scrawled on it in red pen. Flinging my door open, I dashed inside, eager to unveil my surprise. Upon removing the lid I was presented with a dress that was a beautiful shade of crimson, with a thin waistline and a flowing skirt that would be sure to fan around me when I twirled. The neckline didn’t plunge, but I could tell the shape would show off my breasts in an elegant manner. The prospect of being able to wear this dress for Jacob intoxicated me and I nearly missed the smaller black velvet box hidden amongst the layers of paper. Jewelry? I thought to myself as I reached for it. No, not with Jacob. Sure enough, within the deceiving box was a stainless-steel butt plug in the shape of a rosebud.

When I had completed the inspection of my gifts, I reached for the card, eager for my next instructions:


A car will pick you up tomorrow at 7PM, be ready.


I sighed. The length of time between today and tomorrow seemed to stretch on for eons before me. “Focus, Taryn.” I reminded myself. Patience would make the release that much more delicious.

The next evening I stood on my doorstep at 6:50, not wanting to be late and risk another opportunity for bad behavior. The dress fit me as though it had been perfectly tailored for my body. I shifted on my black stilettos and was absently reminded of the rosebud tucked inside me. The process of placing it there had been agonizing. The desire to come combine with the act of inserting something inside myself without being able to enjoy the release had proven challenging. Finding the will to obey and not come had left me cursing Jacob’s name to no end.

A car stopped in front of me at precisely 7pm. I had expected Jacob to be in it, but instead a driver came out and opened the door for me. “Your presence is awaited, Miss.” Putting my faith in Jacob’s process, I slid in the car and tried not to let my nerves get the best of me during the twenty or so minute drive to my mystery destination.

The driver finally stopped at the entrance of a dark alley and not a second later my door opened. I was presented with a hand which I took and stepped out of the car. Jacob took a long look at me, twirling me around. His eyes gave away that he was more than satisfied with what he saw. He ran a finger along my neck making my stomach jump. “You look absolutely delicious.” Blushing, I looked down and smiled shyly as he asked if I was wearing my other gift as well. I nodded, and he took the opportunity to run his hand down my back and give my ass a little tap, “Good Girl.”

Jacob led me down the alley and I continued to wonder about today’s lesson. So far we had covered compliance and pain. I was filled with eager anticipation towards the discovery of the next theme of our time together. I followed Jacob through an entrance and instantly felt blind as the space was poorly lit I could barely make out any details. Holding on to his hand, Jacob lead me through a curtained entrance.

The environment was dark, and smoky. We were at what seemed to be some sort of event. I observed men and women dressed elegantly, walking around with tall flutes of champagne as I was handed my own. At the base of the room was a stage and I watched an enchantingly beautiful redhead emerge from the center of it. She spoke softly to the audience. “I offer myself to you.” She stood there gracefully wearing a sheer white dress that pooled at her feet. Her erect nipples commanding attention through the light fabric. From random parts of the room, I heard voices calling out figures; “$4,000” “$7,000!” and finally “$12,000” The owner of the last voice emerged from the crowd and extended his hand to her. Smiling, she took it and floated gracefully behind,  following him off the stage and out of the room.

I looked up at Jacob, unsure of what I had just witnessed. “The men here are Dominants, the women who are offering themselves are being auctioned as Submissives for the evening. The benefits of the evening go to charity.”

I smiled coyly, “Should I offer myself?”

Jacob looked on at the crowd of people. “Do you want to?” Still smiling, I began walking towards the stage. Jacob gripped my arm firmly and pulled me back against him.

“Your third lesson is about patience.”

After we had lingered for a time, Jacob led me through a side door. We walked up a flight of narrow stairs and along a lengthy corridor until we reached a set of jet black double doors. Turning the brass knobs we entered a grand, richly decorated room. The drapes were a velvety shade of navy blue. There was an enormous, plush bed with a long oak table at the foot of it displaying a magnificent array of whips, paddles and various forms of leather restraints.

I felt my excitement rise as I anticipated the use of them on my body. Jacob brushed his lips on my shoulder as he stood behind me, the proximity of him creating a ripple of electric current. His fingers unzipped my dress and I enjoyed the feeling as he slipped his them under the straps letting it fall to the floor around me. I was pleased that I had decided against wearing any underwear. “Pick a safe word, Taryn.” I looked at him, unsure. “Choose a word that will force me to stop should you need me to.” I couldn’t imagine ever telling him to stop, let alone want him to. Once again letting my defiance get the best of me, “More” was the answer I gave. Jacob looked at me, his brow furrowing. “That isn’t a proper safe word.” I fluttered my eyelashes at him innocently, “it is, and it’s the word I choose.” Jacob sighed and took the rope that lay on the table. Binding my wrists behind my back he pushed me face down into the bed giving a little tug to the rosebud, ensuring it was securely in place. I watched as he walked over to the table and slid on a black glove. From my position, I could see glinting spikes embedded in the fabric. My breath quickened as he came back and ran his gloved hand over my ass. The sensation was incredible to say the least. Unlike anything I had ever felt. He did this several times, starting from th base of my neck and dragging his hand all the way down while using his bare hand to caress my ass. I could feel the wetness begin dripping between my legs, the release I craved magnifying. As my desire to be filled began to take over, Jacob’s spiked hand suddenly stopped, it rested on my ass in quiet anticipation. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the blow as it lifted. The sound of skin hitting skin had me letting out a wild groan, the rosebud threatening to make me come at any given moment. Using his bare hand, he slapped me again harder, he did this several times, until I could feel the sensitivity of my skin radiate fire under his hand. Sensing my desperation for release, Jacob inserted half his index finger inside my center while his spiked hand continued to circle my ass as he toyed with the idea of going in deeper. Beads of sweat erupted on my skin, feeling the orgasm begin to rise. “MORE!” I screamed out, my carnal need taking over my logic. As instantly as I regretted the word, everything around me stopped. Jacob pulled his finger out and pulled away, taking off the glove and laying it down on the table. Coming back, he undid the rope, pulling me to my feet. He kissed my forehead and handed me my dress. “Time to go home, darling.”

I was furious with myself. The tension between my legs had become a growing mound of pent up frustration. In the end, I had been the master of my own undoing. Accepting the consequences, I vowed to practice patience until my next lesson.

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