To Whom You Belong

It is unreasonable to expect one person can fulfill all of your needs. To love more than one person your mind must be open to all possibilities.

I reserve the right to love openly and freely. Judgement is not accepted, here.

At this stage of my life I have learned physical attraction alone is no longer sufficient. I require a genuine connection. I need to undress the layers of a soul before the desire builds to tear away any clothes. Passion remains the fire, but now intimacy strikes the match and a stimulating connection has become the fuel.

We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours. What if I told you someone comes in the form of two, even three people.

I hear a familiar voice in my head…

Dearest Little One. The ultimate question you must consider; will you be able to serve us all equally?

With your permission, Sir, I can and I will.

I awake in soft sheets to the morning light trickling in through the blinds. Shedding myself of the trailing glimpses of a dream, I soak in the warmth of the covers before letting my green eyes see the sun’s rays. I stretch, lazily pressing my cheek into the cool silk of the pillow and let my outstretched fingers run along the plush mattress of his bed. Turning over into the now empty space beside me, I inhale deeply. The scent of him lingers in the sheets though he has started his day some time ago and the space has since turned cold. Flashbacks from just a few hours prior dance before my waking eyes, bringing a smile to my lips. My fingers explore the contours of my body stopping to trace the outline of the mark Damon left on my right shoulder. Despite being physically separated by an ocean for months we’d stayed connected and it seems our bodies hadn’t skipped a beat. I had arrived on the tail end of my business trip beyond ready to surrender and be fucked beyond my limits. I am not a naturally patient woman; I don’t stand for delays or lethargy in my day to day. I am only patient when it is demanded of me with the promise of reward. To get what I want, I must behave. And so, I have learned patience.

My journey from the airport to Damon’s one bedroom flat overlooking downtown LA had been a blur. I hadn’t bothered checking into my hotel or freshening up first but had instead barged right through his door and jumped into his waiting embrace. His fingers had instantly starting ripping through the fabric of my clothes, while his mouth hungrily fed on mine like a ravenous beast. I continue trailing my fingers along my skin, finding more tender spots. Some come with a sharp sense of what the moment had contained, others I had barely noticed him administer in our frenzy. I was made to face the window, hands pressed into the glass while being stripped. When Damon’s eyes had found mine through the reflection of the glass there had been fire in their water – a myriad of shades of blue forming a whirlpool of anticipation. In my mind, he is a living work of art. His body highlighted by the rippling of lean muscle, every move he makes gives away the strength that lies under his taut skin. Skin so smooth, so tempting to touch. And those eyes…

Standing there stark naked I’d been exposed to anyone who dared look up. Damon had parted my legs and pressed me harder into the glass. My wrists were imprisoned between his fingers and kept firmly over my head. His left hand had wrapped around my throat and the fingers from his right had found their way down between my open thighs and right into my already dripping center. With my head bent back, I’d moaned loudly as he’d expertly moved his fingers in and out and brought me to the edge, making me gasp before I could even form his name through my lips. “We aren’t forgetting the rules now, are we Babygirl?” Damon had whispered in my ear with his grip threatening to asphyxiate me. Grabbing me by the waist, he’d pulled me against his chest. His hand gliding through my hair had sent goosebumps rippling across my skin turning to sparks as he’d slipped the tip of his cock inside of me…

My mind full with the vivid memory of last night, my fingers slowly caress my skin, along my breast, down passed my navel, over my pelvis and – my phone chirps brings the present into sharp view and I growl, but the assigned ringtone indicates I have no choice but to answer.

“Good morning, Little One.”

It is Jacob. I blush, thinking of what I was about to do. What I should never do without his explicit permission.  

“Good morning, Sir.”

“Are you still in bed?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Is Damon away?”

“For now.”

“Are you behaving in our absence?”


“You are not to touch yourself.”


“Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand.”

“I just landed in LA. Wait for instructions.”

“Looking forward to it, Sir.”

Throwing my phone to the other side of the room, I growl defiantly before kicking the sheets from my naked body and heading towards the shower. Steam immediately fills the room as I turn the water on high and step in, letting it stream over my skin in hot rivulets. I close my eyes to the water as the heat soaks into my body and I lean against the cool tiles for a while.

I bathe myself lightly, taking care not to rub the bruises that are scattered across my body. Thoughts of Damon return to circle my mind. He was an unexpected force that entered my life like a storm, leaving me forever changed. Kissing his lips is like being on an acid trip. When Damon leads, I follow. Only now do I truly understand the lively, provocative radiance that has always coursed within me. He had filled me up and absorbed everything I am, everything I’d ever amounted to until I’d been left …no one. My true self became a part of him because he allowed it and now I am half of a human who can’t – wouldn’t dream to – exist without his presence in my life.

I am his. From the moment when he’d told me to spread my legs and I had, when he’d told me to beg for it and I’d groveled, when I’d put my hands behind my back before being commanded to do so. He steers me with his commands, imparting his knowledge of what is best for me – physically, mentally. Without ever having to say a word, we’d both known I’d agreed; he owns me. I am his.

Massaging shampoo into my scalp, my mind takes an easy turn to Jacob. That day we first met in the coffee shop. The way he’d fixed me with his penetrating eyes as I’d interviewed him for one of my pieces. Before I knew him, I used to find his glacier eyes cold and without mercy. Now I know, the hottest embers burn blue.

The more time I spend with Jacob only serves to increase my fascination of him. In the first month I had known him, the surprising obsession to obey and please him had flourished within me. He destabilized me with his presence alone. As headstrong as I am, I’d had to overcome my own strength of will before yielding to his as I’d embarked on my reluctant but desired path to surrender. I was fortunate that being fierce worked in my favor as Jacob desired a woman with a mind of her own, whose heart and will needed to be tamed. He’d seen through my facade to my uncertainty and showed me what I needed. Through his lessons, Jacob had helped me release the tight rein I had on my mind and my self control. He is more than just my Dominant. Jacob is my teacher first, then friend, and inevitably the master of my heart. Through him, I learned; Compliance. Obedience. Pain. Patience.

A Dominant worth submitting to is one who will handle your submission with a tremendous amount of care, and will keep your personal well-being and relational connection a priority.

It’s still early when I walk in to a local spot to get a coffee. The machines are yet to warm, so I take the moment to rest my mind and drink in the aroma of the café I’d picked at random. The tiny spot is huddled despondently between the huge city buildings. Hundreds of people rush by it without noticing its bland facade. But unlike the outside, the interior of the café is warm and cheery with hope, boasting bright lights and colourful walls. The middle-aged barista has tired eyes but beneath there is that glimmer; a give-away of her good heart. She’s one of those rare surviving sparks who holds on to who they really are, in this city that steals souls.

I ask for my danish to be warmed, ready with an apology and my own tired smile, “I’m just feeling like being a bit of a fusspot today.”

I see her spark glow a little brighter and her face relaxes with amusement. There is a smidge more joy in her eyes, as she winks “That’s alright, dear. You be a fuss pot.”

I smile warmly in response then carry my laptop and morning treats over to a corner table by the window and I know that today will be a good day. I barely see the hours pass but notice that my steaming cup of coffee seems to never reach its bottom as I answer endless incoming mail and a few too many demanding phone calls. My glasses are perched on the end of my nose and my pen is lost somewhere in the messy pile of curls on top of my head so I am using a pink highlighter to scribble a number on a random bit of paper when a tall figure appears beside me. I look up with a start only to be pleasantly surprised by Damon’s handsome face. He give me his devilish, seductive smile and his eyes light up with dangerous mischief as he leans in to graze his lips along my cheek before taking the seat in front of me. His presence takes me over causing my heart to hammer in my chest as I make a miserable attempt to indulge the casual conversation he is forcing on me. Thoughts of him fucking me in the tiny little bathroom of the café manifest in a corner of my mind. The delirium of want has crept up my legs and I am holding on to every last shred of composure left within me. I know by the sparkle in his eye that he is fully aware of where my mind has wandered and is relishing me squirming in my chair.

My gaze is pulled away when the door swings open again, bringing first a gust of the cold outside air then a golden windswept head I know instantly. To my delight Jacob’s darting eyes locate me quickly and he heads our way. I quickly peek down at my phone with a delicious spike of fear mixed with uncertainty to confirm: no messages, I had not missed any instructions. Before I can contemplate his sudden appearance Jacob is standing in front of me looking down. The way he holds himself, the unassailable confidence he exudes ignites a fire inside me. He seldom smiles with his lips, but it is his eyes that shine and that radiance makes anyone he turns it on feel the irresistible impulse to smile. I look up adoringly and hop up to embrace him.

My excitement is undeniable as he takes the seat opposite me, next to Damon. I am the only thing that connects these two forces and rarely do they interact yet they shake hands in the way long lost friends might. I am delighted that everything I love is sitting within such close proximity and I would be lying if I did not admit that my mind was already tumbling in a delirium of insatiable, taboo desire. A hot spark runs up my spine as I imagine both their hands on me at once. Damon’s mouth, Jacob’s hands, my clothes being pulled from my body and strewn on the floor. So many possibilities swirl in my mind like water going down a celestial hole until Jacob’s fierce eyes suddenly pull me back. I blink a few times feeling the heat growing in my cheeks as Damon’s knowing gaze is still fixed on me. A grin spreads across his lips and the thought of his mouth pressed against mine distracts me again intoxicatingly until Jacob brings my attention back to the present by finally slapping his hand sharply down on the table. His lips are unmoving, but his eyes tell me everything I need to know.

Easily closing the short distance between us Jacob pulls me forward by the neck of my shirt. Just as I think he might lean in and kiss me, he pulls the lost pen from the tangles atop my head to scribble an address in my notebook before standing to leave as abruptly as he arrived. Prior to addressing me, Jacob turns to Damon shaking his hand once more. Both nod in some unspoken agreement before releasing and Jacob then looks at me, “I’ll see you tonight at 7. Do not be late.” I look up and nod my response. “Answer when spoken to.” Damon spits out cutting me off mid nod. Though I fear it, I love experiencing Damon’s fury the same way I love his gentle hand. Heat rises once again to my cheeks as I look to the ground and acknowledge them both “I will be there for 7, I will not be late.”

“Good girl.” Jacobs lips form a thin smile and he turns taking his leave. Damon lingers a few moments longer before standing. I immediately stand before him in response, my eyes still cast down. “Look at me, Babygirl.” Damon says gently. I look up obediently, my hands instinctively reaching for each other behind my back. Damon leans in, his lips barely touching mine. I feel his heat, his steady breath as his eyes bore into me and I think I might die if he doesn’t kiss me right this minute. “Damon, please! Please kiss me.” My voice is practically inaudible to me over the drumming of my fast beating heart in my ears. To my disappointment, Damon takes my chin between his fingers and lowers it. His lips find my forehead instead and when he pulls away the words that follow melt my insides “You’ll have to earn it.”

I stay standing until Damon reaches the door and exits the café. I am left lost in desire but mostly confusion at what has just unfolded. All I do know is the anticipation between now and 7 o’clock might possibly drive me mad …but of course, that’s very well what they want.  

Sometimes our balance has to be upset for our course to reset while we navigate to our final destination. This is my final destination. This is where I am meant to be. For too long I let fear hold me back but I have now learned that the edge of fear is where trust grows. I love more than one person. Those close to my heart each offer me fulfillment in their own way. I have not been promised a future, but they have given me their friendship which is more valuable than anything. We are scattered in different places in this world and all we can give each other is the gift of the moments we share. The moments we are allowed with one another. We are no single notch on a belt, together we make the whole belt. I am not a helpless being, I never have been. Yet in sex, I need to surrender. I crave a man strong enough to rip control from my hands. I will yield everything to he who is masterful enough to command.

Back in my own hotel room, I stand at the bathroom vanity, my hair is dry and styled after a final preparatory shower. As it tumbles around my shoulders in silky chestnut waves, it dances, ever as coy as I am. I pull up the sheer black stockings until they reach mid-thigh and then slip into delicate patent leather stilettos. I walk over to the bed and pick up the lace dress Jacob gifted to me. He had sent it to me in the mail some time ago and I’ve often fantasized of the moment I would be able to wear it for him at last. I slide it over my head, letting the lace caress my skin as I slowly pull it down. I take a final look in the mirror and know my appearance will please him.

At a prompt 6:59pm I am standing in front of the Airbnb Jacob as rented in the remote, quiet outskirts of LA. Adrenaline is coursing through my veins and my finger trembles as I ring the bell. I look down in anticipation as I wait the few lingering moments before the door opens. Jacob’s calm frame stands in the doorway taking me in before he moves aside to invite me through. Still looking down, I immediately kneel in the position that is expected of me. My palms find my thighs and I wait patiently. Jacob circles me once, then twice. Stopping behind me, his fingers sweep my hair to the side over one shoulder before slipping a thin black collar around my neck to indicate that our game has begun. Once fastened securely Jacob moves to stand in front of me. Unsure how to proceed, but knowing that looking up is not an acceptable act, I wait on my knees in front of him like a well trained animal. I squirm at the prospect that he may be making the same comparison. Jacob reaches down towards me. I see his left hand in my line of vision and one finger gently moves my face upwards. “I want you wet for me at all times; I don’t know when I might want to fuck you.” I keep my gaze steadily on his shoulders and the words ignite a fire so hot, I might combust.

Jacob offers me his hand and I take it willingly, lifting myself to stand before him. My eyes haven’t left the ground “You may look at me.” Jacob instructs. My lashes flutter and I lift my eyes hesitantly to meet his as he continues “You are absolutely beautiful in this dress, I am pleased.” My lips lift into the edges of a coy smile as he continues to look me over appraisingly. Taking my arm, he then turns to lead me into the next room and I follow obediently. The room is large and open. At the far end stands a richly carved mantel, it reminds me of a hotel foyer, not just in size but in the artwork too. The floor is polished concrete, the walls white, and the furniture rustic and dark but sprinkled liberally with contrastingly vibrant cushions. There is a table in easy reach of every seat and the walls are covered in paintings with muted tones, the style reminiscent of Monet. I’ve taken all this in within a split second, and as my eyes finish their quick sweep of the room I start in utter surprise at the figure solidifying in my peripherals – “Damon!”

A surge of excitement rises in me as I bolt across the room and leap into his arms which he enfolds me tightly within. My mouth eagerly finds his and I am allowed to indulge in a mind-altering, body awakening kiss. I force myself to pull away when I realize I have forgotten my position. Adrenaline spikes as the frenzy clears: I have broken both of their rules. My instinct to serve Damon consumes me and my breath falters as I turn to look at Jacob in confusion.

Before me are two men who maintain only dominant roles in every aspect of their lives. The epitome of alpha-male; control, confidence, command. They do not share. Before today I could not have imagined a single situation in which they would both consent to share me, together.

…but here I stand.

Dominance and submission is an intimate binding. Those who submit must trust that those who dominate will never take more than they can give.    

Jacob is swirling a glass of whiskey he has taken from one of the many side tables easing back into his earlier abandoned armchair across the room. He has yet to speak, but uses his fingers to motion me over. The desire already bursting between my thighs I fall to all fours as expected and begin my crawl to where he is seated. When I reach him I place myself in a kneeling position before his feet, my eyes cast downwards. Jacob offers me his glass and I breath in a fragrance achieved only from years in an oak barrel handled by the finest craftsman. I take it from his offering hand and bring it to my lips. I keep the amber liquid in my mouth before enjoying the slow burn as I swallow.

Damon is suddenly beside me. He hands me a hair tie and I know I am to put my hair in a ponytail. This action tells me that the control is now his. I am his toy and he has allowed for this situation to take place. My responding action to take the hair tie and bring my hair up is an indicator to all that I accept these unspoken terms. I belong to Damon.   

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” Jacob asks, taking the glass from me. I do not speak.

“You are not sure, or you are too afraid to say?” Jacob continues. I blush at his always accurate analysis and drop his gaze. Jacobs uses a hand to trace a line up from my left hip, pausing at the curve of my breast, and then finally reaching the side of my face. His hand tips my chin upward, holding it in place once he is satisfied with the position. He eyes me intently and I know he is expecting an answer. I can only whisper my reply.

“Too afraid.”

Jacob’s mouth twitches in amusement “Don’t be afraid Little One. Just do as you are told. Stand. Now.” I obey and place myself between Jacob’s open waiting legs. To my delight Damon is behind me pulling down the zipper of my dress and letting it fall to the ground. He does the same with my bra and panties, leaving me in nothing but my heels and thigh highs. “You broke the rules, Babygirl. You know what that means, don’t you?” Damon speaks tenderly in my ear, running his fingers up and down the sides of my exposed body. I hesitate, my eyes never having left the ground. “Answer him!” Jacob snarls. “I must be punished.” I speak almost inaudibly. “I can’t hear you. Speak up!” Damon says harshly, giving my back a little shove. Taking a deep breath, my eyes lift to meet Jacobs, “I must be punished!”

“Good girl!” Damon whispers. I take a step toward Jacob and lower myself over his thighs as I know I am supposed to. I am barely in position when Jacob lifts his hand and strikes me. Scorching heat radiates across the cheek of my ass from his open palm. “Shit!” I cry out. Another blistering sting connects with the other cheek. “Watch your mouth!”

“I’m sorry, Sir. It hurts”

“I promise you; not as much as it could have.” I glance back in fear to catch Jacob sneering with a wicked gleam as he administers several blows that threaten to make me cry. Satisfied, Jacob lifts me from his lap and suddenly he is standing with me bent over in a ninety degree angle before him. I feel Damons fingers graze my swollen ass and I flinch, knowing my punishment is far from over. My hands reach for Jacob’s hips as I brace myself for the onslaught. Taking a fistful of my hair Jacob lifts my head “Look at me, Little One.” As my eyes look up, Damon delivers the first blow, then the second, and the third. The sound of each strike seems very loud in my ears and I try to keep count in my mind until we are beyond twenty strikes combined.I am barely holding on to the last shred of my composure. The heat has reached my head and is consuming me in the burn. I imagine the color it must be but am all too aware that I am still quite a few strikes away from deliverance. I hear Damons breath of exertion as he lays into my sore ass, reminding me who I belong to. I feel his hardness straining against the confines of his pants. I want to rub myself against it, but I don’t dare. Now is the time to take my punishment like a good girl. It’s what they want but equally what I need. I am relieved when Damon reaches his own level of satisfaction with their combined punishment, and tremble as he tenderly caresses the swell of my ass.

I am still holding on to Jacob, my fingers grip his shirt like talons and my face is pressed into the bulging erection pushing through his pants. “Well done, Little One. You took your punishment as expected. Now, it’s time for your reward.” Damon kneels between my legs and I feel the tip of his tongue enter the wet folds of my center. He moves slowly at first and then his strokes become longer and harder. I feel my knees begin to buckle as his tongue enters in and out while his thumb steadily caresses my clit. Jacob’s fingers are still firmly wrapped around my ponytail and his eyes are locked on mine, steady and unwavering. I feel the heat spread within me and I am already begging to come. “Not yet, Little One.” His denial only serves to make me beg louder and more desperately. I cannot hold back much longer but I also know I cannot handle one more blow to my ass. A sheen of sweat forms along my body as Damon’s tongue continues to dart in and out of my dripping pussy. Tears start streaming down my face and I am still begging. “Please, Sir! PLEASE, PLEASE!” Jacob places a firm hand over my mouth and after what seems like an eternity finally gives me permission to come. My eyes roll back into my head as the intensity of my orgams consumes my entire body. I feel the come gushing between my legs and onto Damon’s face as he makes me come over and over while I scream into Jacob’s open palm.

Damon finally relents the probing of his tongue and I think I hear him laugh quietly, but I still can’t see his face from my position. My body is alive with sensation, and he probes his fingers deep inside me. He moves in and out, creating a satisfying rhythm. I moan out loud and nearly collapse backwards, falling onto his body behind me. He catches me casually and pushes me back to my feet before continuing.

I am still at a ninety degree angle when Jacob instructs me to release him and I am only too eager to oblige. Entirely distracted by Damon’s fingers keeping me on the edge, I fumble to undo Jacob’s pants. I manage to tug just enough to release his throbbing cock from it’s prison. Still holding me in place not allowing me to move, Jacob slips the tip of his cock into my mouth. Creating a suction with my lips, I begin to taste his tip with my tongue. Slowly at first and then harder as I welcome the rest of him into my mouth. My spit dribbles down my chin as Jacobs cock hits the back of my throat then stays there, pushing deep over and over again. I am breathless after the fifth stroke and I begin to feel another orgasm building from Damon’s persistent fingers. I look up at Jacob, trying to plead through each thrust. “Are you going to come, Babygirl?” I hear Damon’s voice behind me. I nod helplessly, continuing to beg through each one of Jacob’s relentless thrusts. I try to focus by sucking harder, anything to control the edges of the orgasm that is threatening to take over.

I am at my wits end. My will is not my own and my body gives in, unbidden. I am consumed with a reverberating orgasm that unleashes itself within me with violent ferver. Damon is the master of my body, my will is his and I am not always strong enough to obey conflicting instructions. Jacob is no longer thrusting in my mouth when I realize what I have done. I am lifted from my position and made to face Damon. “You were not given permission to come!” Damon spits out, his right hand slapping my face. Taking my wrists into one of his large hands he angles me towards him. I tremble knowing what is to come, but try to breathe through my fear. Using both his hands Jacob slaps both my ass cheeks at the same time with inexplicable force. He repeats this several times. The tears sting in my eyes and it’s all I can do not to cry. My face is hot and red, my body radiates a heat that feels hotter than a furnace.

At the end of his final strike Jacob instructs me to spit into his hand and I do so without hesitation. Damon caresses my cheek and lowers his mouth to mine. His kiss is tender, forgiving, and I am relieved. Within seconds it is Jacob’s fingers that are now between my legs. Using my spit, he runs his hand along the length of my center and all the way up to my ass. He slips a finger into my ass and I soon find that I am rising again. Damon’s mouth is still kissing mine as my breath quickens. Looking up at him, my eyes begin to plead. “Please let me come!” Damons eyes take on a dark gleam and he lowers my head to his now exposed cock. I am back at a ninety degree angle. As Damon thrusts his cock into my mouth with merciless ferver, I suddenly feel Jacob’s cock penetrate me. My body bursts into a swirling frenzy! Colors explode in the black behind my eyelids that are squeezed tight in the delicious, overwhelming sensations.The intoxication of being filled by both of them at the same time is everything I could have dreamed for and so much more.  I feel harmoniously whole being between the two of them in this way.

Wanting it to last as long as possible, I use every fiber of my being to be a good little slut and not come. Our bodies are one, Jacob and Damon thrust harder and deeper, our trio a perfect blend of breath and movement. The final command comes from Damon and I gratefully look up into his eyes as I am given permission to come. My mind shuts down in my bodies slow unravel to its final release and I feel the pulse in Damon’s cock as he begins to reach his own climax. I let out a primal grunt as he is exploding into my throat. The surge of electricity is pumping through my blood as I too give in to the first wave of my own explosion. Just as I am tipping into it, Jacob yanks my hair hard and comes with me.

Standing there, my breath is ragged and my heart thunders inside my chest. Damon’s fingers dig into my shoulders to hold me in place as he pulls out of my mouth. Jacob does the same, steadying my hips as he pulls out. My knees buckle beneath me and I am lowered gingerly to the ground until I am again resting on my knees, head hanging between my arms as I try to hold myself up. Taking a moment to compose themselves, I listen quietly as pants are brought up and belts buckled. Next Damon is before me, sitting back on his heels. He reaches out to run his thumb over my bottom lip and slips it gently inside my mouth. Hooking it over my bottom teeth pulling me forward into his mouth. His kiss is soft and lingering. I moan quietly enjoying the warmth of it. I lean my head into his chest, relishing the tenderness of being caressed by this man I adore. Damon slips the tie out of my hair, letting the sweaty strands tumble around my face in their still soft waves. Taking my head between his hands, his eyes bore into mine, “Behave, but remember who you belong to, Babygirl. Don’t you dare forget, there can only be one sole alpha.” He kisses my forehead before standing, leaving me at Jacob’s feet.

Caressing the side of my face with the tips of his fingers, Jacob leaves me momentarily and I can’t help but fidget in his absence. My eyes look to the door through which Damon has left. I am uncertain of what it all meant. What is my position? Jacob’s voice interrupts my thoughts, and he is in front of me, dangling a rope in my view.

“Be still, Little One. Your job is to focus on my will and let me use your body. It’s here for my pleasure, remember? Do you still think you can serve us equally?”

It is unreasonable to expect one person can fulfill all of your needs.

I want to live darkly and richly in my womanhood. As my own person I can hold my ground intellectually and artistically, forever assertive and independent. As a sexual creature I demand to be owned. To be dominated, fucked, and possessed.

I will obey. I will take my punishments if I falter. I will be a good girl.

Who I serve remains at my discretion. I reserve the right to love more than one person.

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